If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of sitting for extended periods: greater risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and back pain. Meanwhile, extended standing brings its own set of dangers: swollen ankles, varicose veins, and knee and joint pain.

The message is loud and clear. To keep healthy, we need to keep moving – especially during the workday. That’s where the sit/stand desk is a lifesaver!

You may have seen a few of these desks and thought they weren’t your style or they looked too complicated. Thankfully, the designers at BDI have got our backs with their savvy creations. These pieces not only look good – they keep us feeling good by providing the versatility of movement that our workdays require.

We love the programmable keyboard that lets you preset exactly the right heights for both sitting and standing. It’s super easy and saves time by instantly adjusting to your personal needs. The designers also added useful details like wire management channels to keep the work surface clear and those ugly cords under control.

Best of all for the style-conscious among us, these pieces are beautiful. Our Sequel collection  combines rich wood veneers with smooth surfaces. It’s a knockout combo that’s sleek, modern and looks great. We also have matching storage credenzas and cabinets to complete the look.

These BDI desks are more than the perfect combination of form meeting function; designing pieces that can have a positive influence on our long-term health is nothing short of brilliant. We’ve been long-time fans of BDI and their products; we’ve showcased many of their entertainment centers, furniture, and office collections in our stores. But we think the sit/stand desk may be our all-time favorite. So let’s stand up, sit down, move around and get to work.