Sometimes you come across an image that inspires you - takes you down the path of change or self-expression. For those of us with a passion for homes and how we live in them, that image can be anything from a solitary chair to a heart stopping room vignette. Such an image speaks to us personally and we start to see our perfect room: the one that gives us joy. We hope our web site offers such inspiration.

To give credit where credit is due, we want to give a shout out to our photographer: Tom Clements. For many years he has been a silent partner with Kasala, making each and every piece in our collections look amazing. There is nothing too challenging for him to give his patient, talented eye to. Even though we use some photography from other vendors, all our in-house photography is done by him.

If you or someone you know needs product photography, we recommend Tom whole heartedly.  You can find him at