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Grammercy Platform Bed-Smoked Walnut

$2,399.00 - $2,599.00

Grammercy Nightstand-1 Drawer-Walnut

Our Price: $799.00 $1,123.00

Grammercy Platform Bed-Charcoal Oak

$2,399.00 - $2,599.00

Grammercy Nightstand-2 Drawer-Walnut

Our Price: $959.00 $1,462.00

Arbor Walnut Platform Bed

$2,299.00 - $2,699.00

Arbor Night Stand-Latte/walnut

Our Price: $799.00 $1,018.00

Grammercy Double Dresser-Charcoal/Glass

Our Price: $2,799.00 $3,930.00

Grammercy 7 Drawer Wide Dresser-Charcoal/Glass

Our Price: $2,499.00 $3,408.00

Arbor Double Dresser-Latte/Walnut

Our Price: $2,599.00 $3,258.00

Grammercy Double Dresser- Smoked Walnut

Our Price: $2,799.00 $3,930.00

Arbor Double Dresser- Walnut

Our Price: $2,599.00 $3,258.00

Arbor Night Stand-Walnut

Our Price: $799.00 $1,018.00

Arbor Tall Chest- Walnut

Our Price: $1,999.00 $2,560.00

Grammercy 7 Drawer Wide Dresser- Walnut

Our Price: $2,499.00 $3,408.00

Grammercy Double Dresser- Smoked Walnut/Glass

Our Price: $2,799.00 $3,930.00

Arbor Night Stand-Walnut/Yellow

Our Price: $799.00 $1,018.00

Arbor Single Dresser-Latte/Walnut

Our Price: $1,799.00 $2,259.00

Arbor Single Dresser-Walnut

Our Price: $1,799.00 $2,259.00

Arbor Tall Chest-Latte/Walnut

Our Price: $1,999.00 $2,560.00

Nevada 2 Drawer Night Stand

Our Price: $799.00 $1,017.00

Nevada 3 Drawer Dresser

Our Price: $1,699.00 $2,132.00

Nevada 5 Drawer Tall Chest

Our Price: $2,169.00 $2,722.00

Nevada Double Dresser

Our Price: $2,669.00 $3,339.00

MOBICAN is a family-owned business with expert craftsmanship transmitted between generations; father and sons work together in harmony. Their goal is to provide contemporary, quality products that will satisfy your sense of style and create harmony in your home. 

Located near Montreal, Quebec, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu since 1988, the Mobican philosophy is fair and honest—one that strives to provide exceptional quality, specializing in contemporary and Scandinavian-influenced bedroom and dining furniture.

The utmost care is given to each step of the production process—starting with walnut, cherry, white oak, maple, and teak carefully selected for its exceptional grain patterns and color. Attention to detail during manufacturing assures that each piece is assembled to create unique, specific lines and patterns complete with high-quality European hinges and drawer slides to create an aesthetic that is functional and streamlined.

Visit our Kasala showrooms to experience the Mobican collection of night stands, dressers, chests, and more.