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Miniforms Juice Dining Table

Sale Price: $6,499.00 $11,000.00

Miniforms Soda Tables

Sale Price: $2,063.00 - $2,732.00 $2,595.00

Clearance Miniforms Caruso White

Sale Price: $1,999.00 $7,929.00

Miniforms Coque 25" Mirror

Our Price: $1,499.00 $1,923.00

Miniforms Game of Trust Coat Rack

Sale Price: $899.00 $1,495.00

Miniforms Illo High Table

Sale Price: $1,299.00 $2,395.00

Miniforms Illo Low Table

Sale Price: $1,299.00 $2,395.00

Miniforms Ozz 51" Lamp

Our Price: $1,459.00 $1,991.00

Miniforms Ozz 59" Lamp

Our Price: $1,499.00 $2,132.00

Miniforms Ozz Arc Lamp

Our Price: $2,699.00 $3,715.00

MINIFORMS is a family-run Italian furniture maker founded in 1967 in Meolo, Italy. From the beginning, they established a strong design statement: to make vibrant, innovative furnishings that blend a modern aesthetic with sustainable methods. To that end, they partner with like-minded designers who share their values.

They use woods from reforested areas, low solvent paints and stains, and spin their beautiful fabrics from re-processed waste. These highly skilled artisans work in upholstery, wood, glass, ceramic, and raffia, ensuring that every item is expertly made and incorporates the iconic appeal that defines Miniforms. Their collections include seating, lighting, storage, mirrors, dining tables, chairs, beds, and more.

We would love to show you the full range of custom order options from this exceptional company. Our Seattle and Bellevue showrooms display a few favorites like the award-winning Soda tables, Juice dining table, and The Game of Trust coatrack.Discover how Miniforms can help express your own distinctively modern style with its brand of enthusiasm, lightness, and a touch of everyday elegance.